Just a Ferry away

G’day Guys,


Today was an adventure to make our way to Koh Rong. We started with a 6:30 Am bus, which due to “Cambodia time” left more around 8AM. After a lovely few hours watching Cambodian skit comedy and solving various riddles, we arrived in Sihanoukville. We had our last western meal for the next two weeks at The “Holy Cow” Restaurant. Lara, Kristin, and JoJo chose vegetarian pasta for their final supper accompanied by a hearty helping o fruit shakes.



The last leg of our journey was a ferry ride across the sea. Our boat doubles as the village supply boat and so was stocked with a weeks supply of everything from rice, to eggs, to beer. It was a beautiful ride as we sailed directly into the sunset towards our village pier.


IMG_0532 IMG_0544




Upon arriving we disembarked and jumped straight into our SCUBA studies. Lara, JoJo, and I are completing out advanced certification, while Kristin is going for her open water. If all goes according to plan we will all reach our next level of certification by Thursday!



Tomorrow will be our first day in the water and our first day working on our land project.



John R

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