Laid Back Saturday

Today was very cruisey and very lovely. Our first day off was ironically also the first day that was grey all day. But no one was complaining because the cool(ish) rainy morning brought a very welcome break after a week of hard work in the hot and humid climate. Everyone enjoyed a laid back morning, mostly reading, lounging around and experimenting with the weird and wonderful varieties of Oreos available in Cambodia.


After lunch we set out in the boat to the other side of the island where there is a village that accommodations a small collection of tourism operators, which of course also means wifi and non-rice based meals! We stocked up on internets over a milkshake. We’ve all been cut off from the world of current affairs and social media for over a week but I don’t think anyone really missed it.


Once everyone had gotten in touch with their people, we retired to the beach and ate pizza as the sun set behind Koh Rong. We then made a leisurely journey back to our village, about an hour’s boat ride over the warm, calm sea. As we came near to home the inky bow waves burst into bright blue sparkles from the bioluminescent plankton in the water. What a perfect end to such a relaxing day!




P.S. Pics coming soon – we’re back to dodgy island internet!

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