Last Day :(

Today is our last full day on Koh Rong! We wanted to go out with a bang, so we buckled down and got straight to work finishing up the last coat of paint on the exterior of the school. While the painting was getting done, we had a few people over at the water catchment laying the last couple rows of bricks before the walls get closed up. We ended up completing both tasks which was awesome! Our last dives weren’t as picturesque as we were hoping, due to a storm the previous night, but it was wonderful having one last dunk in the water all the same. In the evening we all ordered some western dishes from the bar menu, and celebrated our last night playing charades and card games. None of us are ready to go home tomorrow, but we’re all so glad that we met each other and made new life lining friends. This is definitely an experience of a lifetime that we are all going to look back on for years to come!

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