Last day on Koh Rong!

Wednesdays blog was written by our very own Annais!

This morning we all rolled out of bed groggy and tired. Thankfully we enjoyed a good breakfast of noodles and watermelon. Today was our last full day on the island as we’ll be sailing off back to the mainland tomorrow morning, so sad! Emily and I took a trip to the rocks by the bungalows and took some beautiful pictures. We ate lunch, then made our way to the beach. Elaura and I did a sufficient dive on our own to conduct reef surveys on two species. We had a good conversation and snacks with some other backpackers on the island, Kate and what’s his name from the U.K. We then proceeded to play with newborn puppies and sadly had to eventually return them to the mother. Dinner was filling! As always. We all relaxed for awhile then made our way to the beach for one last night in the bioluminescence. We will miss you Koh Rong!