Last Day :(

WOW did the time just fly! Cannot believe our time on the island is almost over!

Today was our last work and dive day…Two groups went on fun dives this morning. Some saw the reef pods, and others swam with schools of Trevalli! While the divers were having a blast, we were working away on land to finish up our projects. We finished up the rendering inside the completed water reservoir. We also finished up the dry cement mix on the reservoir foundation. We then solidified it by pouring some water over it. The only thing was…all our water tanks at the job site were dry…so volunteers had to walk to the police station to use their rain water. Oh man was it authentic hard work! But we did this all before lunch!

After lunch we split into three groups. One group emptied all the village waste bins and cleaned up garbage at the incinerator. The second group collected fire wood and packed some up for later tonight and lit the fire at the incinerator. The last group finished installing the door frames in the school bathrooms Then we ended early and EVERYONE headed to the beach! LAST DAY TO TAN!

Tonight we will be having a bonfire on the beach and all the locals that we work with are welcome. We will sing songs, tell jokes, laugh (hopefully)…and make more memories!


Fire building dream team!

Fire building dream team!


Cant believe our program is over! It was certainly fun!

Leaving the island :(

Leaving the island 🙁

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