Le ah hiii (goodbye)

What an emotional Rollercoaster. It started off bright and early when Nathan and I grabbed our last tuk tuk together to Phnom Penh airport where I had to finally say goodbye to him.
I then detoured from the airport to the bus depot where I met the rest of the crew and gave everyone giant hugs goodbye before they all set off to Siam Reap to be with the beautiful elephants in Cambodia. The link to there next blog will be

Lexie, Hailey, Olivia, Andie and Courtney visited the royal palace today. Hailey and Lexie went in the morning so they could jampack the day full of activities, visiting the markets. for all their last minute necessities and having an adventure throughout the city. While Andie, Olivia and Courtney all organized a guide and went in the afternoon, just before their long flight home.
I dropped everyone back at the airport and it was quite hard to say goodbye to everyone today.
I also met half of my new group today.
I met Rachel, Jackson, Ian, Adrian, Genesis and Lauren. It’s been a long day at the airport today, but I can not wait to head back to the island soon!

Bye bye Nathan

And hello Rachel

Jackson is ready for to head to the island