Lets Get Lisenced

Today was dive paper work day! Wooooooo! Both the advanced and open water divers filled out all their homework and even took their exam! After breakfast we had a village orientation, and the volunteers got to see all the project sites. We figured out what projects we would like to finish and where we like to allocate most of our hard work. Then the advanced divers went on their navigation dive. Things got a little rocky, so unfortunately the open water divers couldnt get in the water. But thats okay because it gave them extra time to work on their dive exams. After all the paper work was done this afternoon we began working on our first marine pod! We have it all sanded and ready for apoxy coating tomorrow. The open water divers practiced setting up their dive kit. And now we are all pros ready to get in the water!


For the rest of the evening we will be competitively playing cards and laughing lots 🙂

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