Life’s a beach ;)

Me oh my. Our day was brilliant. We had a little break today from working and decided to take a boat ride across the way to another part of the island for some relaxation. The beach is a small, but absolutely stunning with chairs, hammocks, bungalows and a restaurant where we spent our entire day. We read books and lounged around for most of it, but we also swam and floated on inner tubes in the water as well as played a few matches of volleyball. We saw the competitive sides of people with that one, but of course, it is all in fun. We feasted this evening on some delicious barbecue grilled up right on the beach and shared funny stories around the table. The boat back was great too because the water was as calm as can be, and we all laid on our backs and looked at the sky. It was filled with a blanket of stars and a bright crescent moon. When we returned, everyone decided they wanted to sleep outside, so they gathered all the cushions and pillows they could and created a masterpiece sleeping extravaganza downstairs. What a fun and relaxing day it was! DSC06041DSC06044 DSC06048