Lightning Mcqueen

Today was the last day of studying for the final exam. Bright and early once again, and we finished our theory reviews. We learnt how to use the dive table, safety procedures, and how to deal with situations with other divers. All of this while our advanced divers, Mauricio, Adrian, and Connor were out in the deep working on their underwater navigation skills. We were told there was many underwater creatures found like sea urchins, barnacles and even an entire school of fish along the pier!
A nice celebratory lunch of fresh watermelon and the usual rice and veggies we continued the celebration alllllll the way to the beach half of the group suited up for some more dives while the other half of us jumped off the pier, made a sand turtle and took advantage of the hammocks. On both afternoon trips we were able to see even more cool stuff, Lauren even found a sand dollar!!!
All that sun and water and diving sure exhausted us, so we headed back to the house to have dinner and all play some card games to get ready for a big day tomorrow. Just before bed Lauren, Austin and I all came out to the end of the pier and watched the amazing lightening storm.

Rachel, Genesis and Alana all heading in to dive with the puppies of course!

Adrian and Boy playing in the sand

Lightning storm along the Jetty