Lonely Beach <3

Ahhh, every time I step on the sands of Lonely Beach I’m reminded of pure, natural beauty. It’s so epically gorgeous there that you can’t help but think “this is paradise”.

We spent the day maxin and relaxin on the beautiful sand, with our own private bar, and threw our worries to the wind. Card games were abundant with casual dips in the warm water to break up time. The vibe of lonely beach is unique in its own right: seclusion, relaxation and natural beauty. The private bar area was a perfect compliment to the restaurant that we had lunch at, with bean bag chairs and guitars. It was truly a ‘tough life’ kind of day 😉

The boat ride back to the village was so much fun. We were heading directly into the waves, so it felt more like a roller coaster than a diving boat. The mini highlight of the day was definitely watching Grant try and take a selfie- the kids got a mean model face…if he can keep it together long enough to take a picture! Hilarity also ensued when we tried teaching him to play black-jack, which our diving instructor Kylie magically won almost every time (confession, guys: I was sliding Kylie cards. NONE of you picked up on it! Sorry, Vegas).

It was a very chill night once we got back filled with the usual: listening to music, playing pool, chatting with other guests, and of course listening to the locals sing karaoke down the road. It’s crazy how quickly you can fall into a routine somewhere so foreign to you. Everyone seems to be adapting to the island life quite well, and I don’t blame them one bit. This place is amazing.

Back to work tomorrow, so it’s an early night here. Castaways over and out!

Much love

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