Lonely & coconut Beach

Bit of a rainy start to the day but that did not stop us. We had the choice of going and visiting lonely beach or staying at coco nut beach and relaxing. lonely beach is where season 31 & 32 of the U.S t.v show survivor was shot and it is situated on the opposite side of the island to where we are staying. The beach is very remote and gives a good persecutive of the size and beauty of Koh Rong island.

At lonely beach there was a beautiful eco resort set back from the beach where we all had a healthy brunch-fast. After that we voyaged across to an island in the outer reigons of Koh Rong. The reef was completely untouched and amazing, water was blue and there was nobody else around for miles. After the dive there was a few drinks on the boat ride home with everyone signing and hungry before we reunited with our fellow land loving volunteers.

Back on the land, everyone else enjoyed coconut beach and each others company playing frisbee and living island life.

Tomorrow we will be going bush with an adventure to Nature Beach. cannot wait!