Marine Conservation update


After being involved in the construction process of the pods, the volunteers used their new PADI certifications to deploy the pods by strategically placing them on the ocean floor and diving down to secure them in place.

There was a little bit of pandemonium at first, especially as the visibility was quite low and we kicked up a lot of sediment but once everyone worked out what we each had to do and where it went like clockwork. Taking a concrete block in each hand (they have rope handles) and puffing up our BCD’s we walked the blocks along the seafloor. By waddling along like this in a little parade we got the weights in position and tied them to the pods, securing the whole complex in no time at all. We even had some spare time so we cleaned some of the established pods again. As we cleaned a couple of big trevally darted around. It’s exciting to think that our pods will soon be covered in marine life and become important habitat for fishes” Jane, May 22 Blog



But this wasn’t the only work completed on the island over the last program set. Space for two new compost bins was created and two new rotating bins were created out of 44 gallon drums. On the island it’s a matter of recycling and recycling, and being creative in implementing solutions to problems. The rotating holes for the bins were created by a heated, metal rod piercing the barrel skin – it was so successful and didn’t require expensive cutting apparatus! Having previously placed recycling bins in the village it’s rewarding to see more and more islanders recycling their waste products and burning their rubbish in the commercial incinerator. Our health, recycling and waste management sessions are having an impact and we believe in leading by example.


The island’s incinerator which we built a few programs ago, was put to some heavy and hot use with some serious island clean ups. The school’s toilet block was de-vined and had some serious maintenance work completed. New bathroom doors were erected and cemented in place and the children’s playground was cleaned, raked and enclosed within a low brick wall to keep the sand in and rainwater out.


The teachers on the island were also involved in island beautification and social fun with the diving volunteers. It’s not only island children who love having our teachers arrive, the mothers are also keen to improve their English skills.



This is our school.

This is our school.