Marine Pod Monday

Hmmmm…I wonder what kind of work we did today… MARINE PODS OF COURSE! Today was totally and completely devoted to the reef pod project. All the volunteers got to go see where the reef pods have already been deployed, on their dive today. And all the land work was done on the pods. This morning we made 40 more cement feet with rope handles. Then we sanded down the metal frames of the pods for most of the day, to remove all rust spots. This is one of the more fun jobs because all the village kids love helping with this part! Every pod had one volunteer and about 4 kids sanding away. Its such a fun way to interact with them!


After that, we unfortunately had to ask the kids to leave because we had to add a protective coating to the pods. We use an apoxy-polymer, which sticks to everything, dries fast, and stains…so you can understand why we couldnt have cute little fingers poking around! We successfully applied the apoxy, and then decided that we could call it quits a little early…I mean it is Monday anyways.

Now all thats left to do is put the pods in the water! Woohoo!