Meet your Team Leader

Good day all of you lovely people,

My name is Justin and I will be the team leader on your island program! It’s been a long time coming and i know you all are very excited to start scuba diving (if you don’t have your diving license, no worries you will be certified on program) to help build one of the largest man-made coral reefs in the world, teaching, and all of the other amazing projects. I am super excited to meet each and everyone one of you. I have been with Reach Out Volunteers since August traveling around the U.S.A. and Canada meeting excited and and motivated people such as yourselves, and spreading the details of our wonderful projects. A little about myself, before Reach Out Volunteers I was active in youth programs and summer camps for 5 years in Florida, and I was also an EMT for  a short while working in hospitals while attending uni. So if you have any questions at all, fire away and if you guys want to leave a little message about yourselves so that we’re all the greatest of friends as soon as you land that would be wonderful!


Justin Dorey