Merry Christmas from the island!

Merry Christmas everyone!!

We’ve had a wonderful festive day here on the island filled with lots and lots of fun. We started off the day brick laying the walls of a water catchment system. We mixed the cement by hand and all became professional wall builders. DSC06010

After lunch, we all went out for our second stage of scuba instruction where we went deeper in the water and learned more techniques. It was so neat being in the water and seeing all the fish and seahorses around while doing our tests. Being able to scuba dive on christmas was amazing. After that, we ventured out to sunset rock where we watched a sunset that filled the sky with orange, yellow, red, and purple and lots of boats driving by that provided perfect picture opportunities.DSC06020 DSC06030

We arranged a special make-it-yourself secret santa, so that proved to be a funny addition to all of our christmas adventures. If that isn’t enough, our incredible hosts spent all day cooking for us and managed to wrangle up the last turkeys on the main land and possibly in all Cambodia for our feast. They made turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, peas and carrots for us. Everyone was so thankful for the time and thought they put into this, and the meal was to die for. This Christmas was absolutely unforgettable. DSC06037 DSC06040