Merry Christmas!

The weekend is here!
Hello to all Friends, Parents, pets, and siblings of these amazing volunteers! The last two days have been an absolute blur of excitement. I would like to first off say that it is a pleasure being here along side this selfless group of people who i call friends. They gave up their family time during a holiday break to help a community in a far away country, and this just goes to show the kind of character they have.
Starting off christmas morning with a dive, all ready in a festive cheer and ready to seize the day! We got to check out a brand new reef, and even saved close to 20 tropical fish from an abandonded fish trap. Just one more dive for all and we will be officially certified and ready to tackle any dive no matter how hard and strenous!
After lunch we go up to the water encatchment where we continue building the support posts for the walls. Within a couple hours local villagers were getting off of work and coming to lend support in anyway they could. Helping mix cement, giving pointers on laying bricks and how to render the sides. It’s so great to see and notice how important this is to the locals that they will come and lend a hand or keep us entertained while doing building.
After work its time to set up the secret santa and we all go shopping and keep presents hidden until after dinner and teaching. That night the teachers were Eisa and myself. We taught them all about presents, snow men, and santa. The kids were absolutley loving it, especially when Christa brought out fake snow, a special powder that when added to water it expanded and when thrown into the air floated down. They absolutely lost it at the sight of this, and we wrapped up the lesson by dressing up as santa and giving out gifts to all the children and adults who showed up.
After we did the secret santa down at the end all exchanging gifts and ended the night sitting under the stars and a bonfire down at coconut beach!
The weekend is here! Saturday was started by sleeping a little later than normal and immiediatley heading off to lonely island where we spent the whole day, running, playing volleyball, snorkling, eating and any other kind of activity we could find. So instead of talking about it ill show all about it!

received_941912252529382 (2)Strike a Pose!
IMG_5083 IMG_5081 20151226_173829

Sunsets like these will never fade from memory20151226_165528 20151226_114949 (2)

Barbie Sara is officially part of the crew20151226_112510 20151225_142028

Just adding the roof to the water encatchment 20151225_204946

Merry Christmas from the Island!!
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the Before …..IMG_5117Annnnnddd somehow the after.?

Today we traveled about a 45 min hike to go to the ever beautiful nature beach! A day full of snorkeling, swimming, and c.  After some lunch and tropical drinks we’re just hanging out in chairs and hammocks for a nice relaxing day soaking up…… all of the wifi they have.

EISA: HEY! This is Eisa, and it’s my first entry in the blog! What an honour! I feel like this is a huge responsibility and if I mess up, Justin will smear my pillow with his cooties… Seriously, EW! Keep it together Justin Bieber, come on. Anyway, the weekend has been fun so far, we have done two trips; on Saturday we took an hour boat to Lonely Beach and today (Sunday), we hiked for 45 minutes to Nature Beach, the latter is where I am currently writing this blog from. Also, I wonder who comes up with all these beach names… My legs are filled with mosquito bites unlike most of the other volunteers, I guess I am just too sweet, right Justin? The food that I had at Nature beach: French Fries, pancakes with chocolate, Banana Chocolate Smoothie, and some bread with tomatoes… yeah we livin’ the life ova here you knaw wha’ I’m sayin’! Okay, seriously though this trip has been beautifully challenging and awesome so far and can’t wait for next week when we complete all the dives and become licensed open water divers! Eisa checking out.    

As always if you want me to pass on a message to your son, daughter, friend, partner, you can leave them a comment and I will be happy to pass it on!