Monday Mud Gurls

Monday was fun day and back to work day! Today we started the preparations for our coral pods. We took sandpaper and removed all the rust from the pods, getting completely grimy and dirty and sandy in the process, hello exfoliation! We have officially named ourselves the Dirt Girls of Koh Rong.

After lunch we finished the sanding and began the ominous task of coating our pods in epoxy. The epoxy keeps the pods from rusting underwater, extending their lifetime from 30 years to over 200. This way they can grow lots and lots of coral and restore reef health. This means more and more fishies!

The epoxy however is very, very, VERY sticky, and according to the island dive instructor, we beat the record of most epoxy-covered volunteers. Hands, feet, forearms and legs were splattered and subsequently covered in sand and dirt, turning us into even more horrific looking dirt monsters. Good fun.

We had even more fun running to the beach right after and jumping in the ocean. More sand picked up from the ocean floor was helpful with scrubbing the epoxy off our bodies.

The night finished with some more delicious homemade Khmer food, some rambunctious card games and another visit to the spectacular bioluminescence.

Until tomorrow!


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