More diving and more concrete!

Hey y’all! Today was a busy day on the island as always! This morning the advanced divers went up to the water catchment to start rendering the walls. We need about an inch of cement on each side of the walls- the group this morning completed 3 entire walls. That took A LOT of concrete mixing- everyone’s going to come home with massive biceps.

The new divers split into two groups. The first group spent this morning taking the cement feet out of the ground and bringing them to the dive house (all 46 of them!!). Afterwards they went on another dive to practice mask clearing, swimming without a mask, and breathing out of your buddy’s back up regulator.

The other group did the same dive except they went first. Afterwards, they did a beach clean up and ran up to help the advanced divers render the water catchment. After lunch, the advanced divers all went out for two dives-navigation and peak performance buoyancy. They are now officially certified advanced open water divers!! The new divers spent the afternoon putting 36 more concrete feet in the ground- again that’s a lot of mixing. Then they went to the water catchment to continue rendering each wall.

Everyone is very tuckered! But being sleepy didn’t stop us from going to the plankton beach tonight! It has been significantly less rainy this week than it was two weeks ago so the plankton are shining bright. It’s always fun when you first get in and everything lights up, all conversations stop and everyone just oohs and aahs and giggles for a while.

It’s an early night for everyone- this week has been a lot of hard work and a lot fun!

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