My heart feels so full

Hello everybody,

Its never a good time to share bad news, but today was our last day together. I don’t even want to think about the goodbyes tomorrow morning. But it was a great last day.

Cody, Lexie, Hailly, Kalli, Tianna, Brian, Nathan, Ryan, Veronica and Cassidy all went and visited the S21 museum today and also the killing fields. It was a heavy day for them, but also so very educational. Nathan and Cody even met a survivor from the Khmer Rouge.

The rest of the group all checked out the central market, and Russian market. Getting lost in all the different alleyways and shops to find the best bargains.

Allie, Katelyn and Flo even had time to get a Tour of the Royal Palace. They got to understand the history behind some of the Cambodian culture and admire all the architecture, time and work it takes to create such beautiful structures.

We all met back up together at 5 and got a bus down to the wharf to experience a sunset river cruise along the Mekong River. Wow, was that a fun experience to spend our last night altogether.

I feel so lucky to have been able to share these last two weeks with such incredible people. Goodbyes will be so hard tomorrow, but I’m so excited for all the new adventures that await everyone.

Ryan walking up the Stairs in S21

I’m going to miss these guys like crazy!

Finally found a table big enough for us!

The beautiful view from our boat