Not your typical 9 to 5

Today was such a great day for the volunteers! This morning the advanced divers went out for their first deep dive. The visibility was much better today than it was yesterday so they got to see a lot of cool marine life.

The new divers spent this morning finishing up their videos and doing a MASSIVE beach clean in the boat yard. It was amazing to see the difference just a couple hours made in that area. We carried over 15 sand bags full of rubbish up to the incinerator before lunch. The teachers spent this morning creating handouts for their different groups- they have worked really hard to accommodate all different education levels, from people with fairly advanced English to people who don’t even know how to read or write Khmer.

After lunch the new divers took their last quiz and written exam then went out for their second confined water dive. They learned more mask clearing skills, how to remove their BCD in the water, and started getting used to deeper dives. The advanced group spent all afternoon bringing sand from the pit to the water catchment. This took a lot of shoveling and wagon hauling. We need a lot of sand by the water catchment because in the next few days we will be mixing a lot of concrete. Now that the catchment is almost complete, we need to put about an inch of concrete on both sides of every wall.

This is going to be a big project over the next two weeks. The teachers had their afternoon class with the kids and filled it with songs like their ABC’s and “Head, shoulders, knees, and toes”. They also practiced specific words and drawing correlations so the kids can take their notebooks home to study at night. After work, the volunteers all took well deserved and very refreshing showers then came together for a delicious dinner and another night of cards and games.

The teachers had their nightly class with the adults in the village and worked more on basic conversational English that the people can start using in their day to day lives. I couldn’t believe how productive everyone was today- we got so much work done! Everyone’s having a great time bonding with each other and with the locals.

It’s a great start to our week!

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