Octopus In A Bottle

Our Thursday started with the next step in our coral reef pod project. This portion of the project involved making the anchors with the reef pods so that they stay in place when we put them on the sea floor. We began by digging 20 shallow holes, on for each leg of every reef pod. Next we mixed cement and filled the holes with a mixture of cement and rocks. After filling the holes we left them to fry while we went off on an awesome dive.

P1000771 IMG_0572

For the Advanced divers it was our Peak Performance Buoyancy dive where we learned how to control our buoyancy with out the use of our BCD’s. Instead we learned to use only the air in our lungs. It was an unusual dive in that we spent a good quarter of it doing back flips and barrel rolls 6 m below the surface. For Kristin’s open water dive, she practiced emergency accent maneuvers.


Along the way in our dive we say some awesome sights including an octopus in a bottle!


After lunch we tackled the tremendous task of sorting through the trash piles in at the village incinerator to find all the plastics. We did a lot of work but this is a job that will take more than a few days. For now we have this big pile of plastic bottles as spoils of our battle against rubbish.


Tonight we organized to give English lessons to some of the adults in the village. It went really well and hopefully the number of students will grow by the day.


Tomorrow, if the weather is right, will be the last dive in our courses! After that we will officially be Open Water and Advanced Open Water Divers!




John R

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