Off to the Races

What a day it’s been on the island. Our 5 amazing volunteers have taken AND PASSED all of their exams for PADI certifications! Now all that’s left are water skills tests and a few boat dives before they’re all officially Open Water scuba divers 🙂

To celebrate in typical fashion we had a fun night of games…ohhh, the games. We played Mafia, Red/Black, and my personal favorite: HORSE RACING!! (if you don’t know these games you should look them up and store them away for your next game night!) Through it all we did learn one thing, however: Ellen actually has an alter-ego that goes by the name Helena. I’d tell you more about Helena but the fear of possible repercussions is far too great :X

We spent some time this evening preparing for the start of our English classes tomorrow; the kids in the village will join us after dinner while the volunteers continue where the last group left off in their lessons. It’s such an amazingly awesome experience getting to see the volunteers work with these kids. In Cambodia, teachers are seen as “second parents” so the respect and admiration they carry with them is such a lovable and adoring trait to witness. Judging by the thought of today’s prep, I have no doubt that this group is going to have a tremendous impact.

We’ll also start on our land project tomorrow which encompasses building a vegetable garden to supplement the under nutrition kids in the village face. I can’t possibly stress how important and sustainable this project is for the health and mental development for the kids in this village. These are the kinds of projects that can quite literally change the trajectory of lives; I’m so glad the six of us get to be a part of it.

If you’ve been following along with previous posts this may sound redundant, so I apologize, but unfortunately we’ve been unable to upload the AmAzInG pictures we’ve taken so far :(. Internet can be quite dodgy here on the island: but we’re doing what we can!

Its off to bed for us before we begin another dream-like day tomorrow! Much love everybody!!!! We miss you all dearly <3


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