Oh Sandy!

“I sit and wonder whyyy eye eye oh why, you let me get so sandyyyy…” -Grease

I hope you all know the reference to that song in the movie Grease. I changed the words at the end, but now the song relates to our activities today! To the beach they went this fine and beautiful day. Our fabulous boat captain took everyone across the bay and to a nearly private little beach where the sun and fun are never dead. There are hammocks and chairs set up everywhere for the beach goers, and everyone snatched up their own space and enjoyed the sun bathing time with a lot of relaxation. Some read, some slept, some went floating away on tubes in the water, and it was complete bliss. The water is bright blue and the sand is a perfect sugar white.

It is truly an amazing little place. There is also a volleyball court, so the games must go on of course. The BBQ dinner in the evening is also a must, and they gobbled the delicious meal down effortlessly.  It’s a lot of food, but holy moly is it good!! It was certainly a successful resting day in Cambodian paradise! I know you all are anxiously waiting on pictures, and I promise they will be uploaded tomorrow! Till then 🙂

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