On The Road Again

Dearest readers,

Our journey began today with a 630am bus pick up. Breakfast arrived just in time from the hotel kitchen. We scarfed down our morning meal and we were off.

The bus took a swift 5 hours. The time flew by through a combination of naps, Cambodian music videos, and strangely entertaining 1980’s Chinese Movies.

Our bus dropped us off in the port city of Sihanoukville, where we stopped for lunch. Holy Cow Restaurant was the last chance for everyone to get their fill of western food before 2 weeks of Khmer cuisine.

After lunch we started the final leg of our journey. The boat ride to the island. The 14 of us piled on the boat with the reef pods that will be the center of a good deal of our work over the next two weeks. 2 hours later we had arrived!

Our first night at the island was one of introductions. We had our orientation and then got our dive books. About half of us will be getting out open water certifications, while the rest will be getting advanced open water.

After some book work we headed off to the beach over the hill to get our first glimpse at the bioluminescent plankton that light up the water at night!

Tomorrow is our first day of both diving and land work. Stay tuned!

John R

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