Open Water dive: 2, pod prep & gardens


Great day today, we began with gardening and preparing the base of our new water catchment with many shovels of stones and cement to ensure it will be strong and water tight! Our volunteers worked hard on the shade cloths in the garden to protect the growing produce from Cambodia’s powerful rays that wilt any plants that are exposed to its direct heat.

Our new divers took to the boat for the first time completing out of air scenarios before enjoying a nice dive along the natural reef. As for the already qualified divers, they went tout on their naturalist dive identifying fish and exploring the site on their own. Upon surfacing they had a unique naturalist experience of asking some unaware fisherman to leave the reserve area explaining about the work we are doing there allowing fish to have a chance to grow in numbers and then be potentially fished outside of the reserve. Good naturalist ambassadors of the sea ++

As for Sam, he was quick of the boat to attend to a fake rescue as part of his rescue course.. he does not know that tomorrow he will be pulling my 100 kilos out of the water and on to the boart.. I have faith he will manage.

After the days hard work, the team enjoyed a BBQ and some games going by the name of chicken, flamingo, awkward orange, human know and the famous cards against humanity (sorry mums and dads).

The favourite card of the day was ” a sober irishman who doesn’t care much for potatoes” google cards against humanity if you don’t know what I am on about.

Tomorrow, we will be doing more dives and stepping up the land works now that dive theory is over and everyone can focus more on the balance between land and sea projects. let’s hope we get all the base brick work done and pods ready so we can enjoy a weekend of exploring the island, exploring the culture and the odd nap in the sand here and there (for the team leaders at least).

More pic’s will be up tomorrow, we lost internet connection worthy of downloading pictures from our cameras.

Warm regards,

Rob and Jem