Painting and Cement Mixing!

We started off the morning with a slight work out so to speak – Digging up the dry cement weights and carrying them to the dive house to get ready for reef pod deployment tomorrow. These things are heavy!

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Later we put down the first layer of the cement floor for the water catchment. This job was a lot of fun, just like icing a cake. After lunch we all paused on the work for a quick game of volleyball. The local villagers were all sizing us up, judging our skills haha.

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In the afternoon we started on painting the school! This is a project we have all been excited for and eager to start. Everyone was surprisingly skilled in painting. We completed the first coat of paint on the whole front exterior of the school.

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At the end of the day we were all pooped. We hung out with the kids and later took a walk to our favorite beach for a night swim. Tomorrow we start on reef pod deployment! Woot woot!