PD Day!

Pod Deployment Day!!

Today. Was. AMAZING. After doing some heavy lifting to get all the cement feet and metal pods on to the boat, we had a quick lunch before heading back out.

Today was the day that all our hard work, scuba tests, cement mixing and practice dives would pay off. We were finally deploying the pods that we had been building and preparing for all week hollaaaaaaa.

We released the pods onto the ocean floor, and as we descended down we realized visibility was almost zero. This challenge was now even more challenging. We had ascended through all the levels and and to win, were now left to face only the boss of all bosses.

We spent a good minute or so just searching for the pods on the ocean floor, and once we found them we began tying the cement feet on in order to anchor them in place. There were 7 pods and 28 cement feet which had all been thrown overboard and now had to be located underwater. According to the dive instructor on the island, this was the second worst visibility he had ever seen, and considering the circumstances was the most impressive execution of pod deployment. YAAAAAAAAYYAAAYAYAY WE DA BOMB!! After slayyying underwater we went to the beach, enjoyed some happy hour drinks and then went for dinner.

Now, currently sitting on beautiful coconut beach enjoying our second last night on the island.