Playing with the village kids


We woke up this morning and it was still pouring rain. I think we’re all enjoying this nice weather, because we aren’t sweating while we sleep anymore. My team went diving right after breakfast. We did a trash clean up on a new reef close by. Visibility wasn’t the best because of the rain, but if you got close enough you could see all the amazing corals and fish. I saw so many patches of bright purple coral, it was gorgeous!

After lunch we painted again, we finished the last classroom inside the school. I didn’t realize that paint could make that much of a difference, the school house looks brand new! Before dinner we saw all the little kids in the village playing together, some of us went out to see what they were doing. Instantly we each had 4 kids attached to our legs and arms. We got to play with the kids for a while, and teach them some English numbers and hand signs. They were all so cute, I really wish I could take one home with me! After dinner we hung out as a team playing games, talking, and enjoying the rainy weather.

Tomorrow is our last day, and none of us are ready to leave!