Plenty of photos!

Brick Laying and cement! That is what today consisted of primarily. We had three groups of divers switching off throughout the day. The land project for today was the water catchment. Here we are building a large rain water collection basin to provide water to the community throughout the dry season. Mixing cement in the hot sun and figuring out how to lay brick is a lot of work, but the volunteers are having fun perfecting this new skill. We even had some helpers carrying bricks for us!

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In the afternoon we got started on the cement feet for the coral reef pods we will be deploying next week. These feet will act as anchors to hold down the pods on the ocean floor. This project involved, yet again, cement mixing! We’re all pros at this point haha.

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We finished the day off with a much needed dip in the ocean at Coconut Beach. This is the best reward after a long dive of diving and project work. The volunteers are loving it as you can tell!

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