Pods down, ceiling up!

Hi everyone! Today was pouring down rain all morning which brought our projects to a bit of a pause. In the morning we rotated people through the school to fix the ceiling. The panelling recently came down so we spent all morning holding new panels up and nailing them into the ceiling with nails we had already put through little plastic squares. This should give the ceiling some more structural integrity. If you haven’t ever tried hammering nails from that angle, you should, it’s quite the bicep work out!

After lunch we separated into two groups: day 1 divers and renderers. The divers did the first coral pod drop- 7 more pods in the ocean adding to the coral reef . This is such a fun project- walking with the cement feet, securing the pods while fish swim all around you. This was the first time we started diving with a purpose and it was amazing. The other group kept pushing forward with the water catchment! The whole outside is done and we have four inside walls left over. Needless to say everyone is an expert renderer at this point. After work finished we all ate dinner together and played a massive game of charades! It was a really fun night after a long day of work

Talk to you tomorrow!