Conditions like those on Friday are rare in the island so we too advanimageimagetage and completed all of our certification dives. In the morning we started by gathering all the materials we had been preparing the days prior, including the reef pods and the cement feet. We loaded them on the boat along with all 8 volunteers.


For the advanced divers (Angus, Maddi, and Andi) our first dive was to deploy our reef pods! We started off by, to put it scientifically, tossing all the pods and cement feet off the boat. Then we simply dived in after them. Each of us took a pair of cement feet and walked them with our hands to the reef pod site. With the ties in our pockets we secured the pods to the feet. From there the group explored the all of the reef pods.

Before the Open Water group (Merinda, Angus, Doug, and Tom) could put down there pods they had to complete one more dive with our instructor. For that they took a tour of the pod site from youngest pod to oldest. It’s amazing the amount of growth that can be seen as the pods age! Every thing from hard corals to any number of bivalves and fish can be seen on the pods.

In the afternoon the advanced group finished their last 2 dives required for their certification- the Peak Performance Buoyancy and the Drift Dive. The Open water group, having finished their certification went on to continuing our work on the water reservoir. Because of their hard work we are 2/3rds of the way to finishing the foundation!