Preparing the pods

We had a great first day of work! The new divers spent the morning watching PADI VIDEOS and finishing up their first three quizzes. The rest of the volunteers went out on their first and second dive to get their advanced certification.

After lunch, the new divers went out for their first confined water dive. They had to do a swim test, as well as other skills like setting up your BCD and clearing your mask. While the new divers were out, the experienced divers made 40 concrete feet to secure the coral pods! Without these feet, the pods would be lifted by fishing boats and the man-made coral reef destroyed. I couldn’t believe how productive everyone was!

After finishing 40 feet, the advanced divers went into the inn and started cutting squares of plastic and inserting nails into them to prepare for another project: giving some structural integrity to the roof of the school. The teachers spent the afternoon and the night teaching different age groups of people on the island. This was very exciting for both the volunteers and the local people. It’s also a wonderful way to get to know the people who live in this village!

After a long day of very hard work, everyone piled in the main room to play cards, pool, and get to know each other. Overall, a very tough but very fun day here on the island!


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