Rain rain go away ☔️

Hi there!

For the past few days on the island we’ve been having lot and lots of rain! This island weather is always all over the place. The rain hasn’t stopped Samantha and I though! Rain or shine, this morning we geared up for a dive in the water. Once we deployed underwater for our dive, we had a mini dance party and were practicing our underwater backflips! Wish I had some cool pictures of those but I’m sure Samantha can tell you guys all about it!

After lunc, we decided to do a bit of land work. Many of the bricks have metal rods sticking out the side of them in order to match them together with another brick. But a lot of the rods are too long, so Samantha and I broke out our muscles and started bending the metal off in order for the bricks to match perfectly! We got through every single brick!!! Talk about girl power!!!

Fixing the brick rods

Tomorrow is the last day here on the island and we have all of our fingers crossed to get some good sunshine before we leave!

Send us sun!!! ☀️


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