Rain, rain, go away!

Hi everyone!

Well today didn’t go exactly as planned haha…

The island is getting some of the hardest rain it’s seen in years. This is GREAT for the island- the people in this village desperately need this water after a long dry season. However, it’s not so good for diving or mixing concrete.

The visibility in the water is very low and because of the lightening it’s just too dangerous to dive. So in order to get all of our certifications on time we had to do some shuffling. Because of this, we’re moving our weekend to today and tomorrow and resuming work and diving on Friday- weather permitting.

This morning the advanced group finished the wall! The next steps will be building the pillars on the corners and covering the bricks with cement. The new divers group finished their last written exams today!!

Everyone is officially on break! Some of our usual weekend activities like kayaking, sunbathing, and jungle treks are too dangerous today but hopefully tomorrow by the afternoon, the weather will be forgiving enough to leave the inn.

For now, everyone is playing games, shooting pool, listening to music, and enjoying the coolness that comes with the rain! It’s going to be a very cozy “weekend” here at the inn with lots delicious iced coffees, movies, indoor badminton, and as always lots of bonding 🙂



Volunteers shown above: Jared, Sara, Ashley, Elia, AJ, Keturah, and Shari.


Volunteers shown above: Emily and Maddie.