Ready for the Weekend

Today was our last work day before the weekend! Woohoo we’ve made it 😀

The end of this week has been a little more rainy. The storms rolling in really do a number on our wifi connection, but all is well. I do apologize for the lack of photos, I am only able to upload one photo to each blog. Decreased wifi connection is all a part of our island life experience. But…WE LOVE IT!

This morning we finished our work on the water reservoir foundation. We handpicked rocks from around the work site and hand laid them in the foundation and trenches. This will help to stabilize the foundation, and make it able to withstand more weathering and water pressure. We worked really hard, and even pushed into lunch a little to finish the job!

After lunch we did some village clean up. We picked up the garbage from all the bins outside each house, and moved it to the garbage depot. We have been able to clean up the whole garbage depot and move all garbage to a garbage shed to keep dry. After village clean up, we also picked up garbage in public areas. And of course we ended up venturing to the beach to continue the garbage clean up. After we filled all our rice bags we decided to go for a swim…I mean we were at the beach anyways! We played fun team bonding games, took photos, swam, and had some fun chicken fights. All in a hard day’s work! Now bring on the weekend!DSCN0139 (2)

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