Ladies and worms, please allow me to introduce the newest group of Open Water certified scuba divers!! Completing our final deep water dive and skills test was the capstone to a weeks worth of work to reach this point. It felt so good after the hours of reading, studying, book work and exams to finally say we finished. We did our final certification dive up to 13 meters (about 35-40 feet) and I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a challenge. Visibility was poor at best, which meant constantly checking that our dive buddies were still by our side and that we didn’t lose the fins in front of us. But it was entirely worth it. And we even got to see a SEA HORSE!!! That may or may not be exciting to you, but it was the first one I had ever seen, and it was super cool.

Tomorrow we will finish work on our coral pods, and because our certifications are done we will be able to deploy them ourselves to help continue to the amazing man-made coral reef Reach Out has built over the years. It’s quite a cool feeling to see the tangible results of your labor.

PS- We got to see Grant’s dance moves for the first time tonight, and they’re absolutely phenomenal. I feel for anyone who hasn’t been graced with such pleasure.

Much love yall!

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