Restful Sunday

Today was very much a day of rest. From the beginning everyone had a very chilled vibe. Heather and Brittany went on a deep dive with Kylie to complete a component of their advanced open water certificate. The rest of us lazed around, read books and napped in the shade.


At dinner time some locals climbed a coconut tree and brought us six big, golden and delicious coconuts. They were full and sweet but turned out to be a little bit more than we bargained for. After a wonderful dinner of lok lak (a traditional Khmer dish) and French fries Brittany, Heather, Megan and I walked over the hill to the beach at Coconut Bay for a night swim. The sky was clearer than last time but the moon hadn’t risen so both the stars sparkling the in the sky and the bioluminescence sparkling in the water were particularly impressive.


Tomorrow we get back to work! Starting with village clean up work in the morning and finishing with a dive in the afternoon. Let’s go!