Riddle me this

Seussadaiiii! (hello in Khmer)

Early mornings are great when pancakes are for breakfast and everyone knows that today is the day that we head to the island.

We all jumped on the bus and were ready for our five hour commute to Sinoukville. Two truths and a lie was a great game to get everyone to know each other and wow, some of us have some crazy stories. From wrestling seals on a public beach, fracturing pinkies from feeding ostriches and falling off a cliff. The lies were even better, Sarah convinced everyone she baked her aunties wedding cake, and her descriptions were so spot on that everyone was so shocked it had never even happened. Austin even taught some new card games and crazy eights got a bit out of hand.

We all had lunch at a beautiful not for profit cafe that supports people with disabilities in the community. Then we all headed to the barge to finally finish the journey on the boat to the island.

The boat was such a great time, we had so many riddles. Some were quite easy, some were really difficult. Ian and Jackson had an especially hard time on one.

Once we arrived in the village we headed straight to our new home, the puppies and children greeted us straight away, but so did the humidity, ooooof! We all enjoyed dinner together while Kylie our diving instructor went over a few things.

Since dinner we have been studying our scuba books under the fan, while still trying to work out some more riddles.

Can’t wait for tomorrow to head down to the beach and swim in the beautiful clear warm water.

Sweet dreams everyone.

Sarah, Alana, Mauricio, Sofia, Adrian, Genesis, Rachel and Lauren all ready for the boat trip

Boat Selfies with Austin, Connor, Ian and Jackson.