Rolling in the Deep





Blog readers,

Thursday we switched up the order a little bit. In the morning the open water guys went off for their dive. Today’s dive centered around 3 main skills. The first was mask removal. The group took of their masks one by one as they spent a minute underwater with out it. The next skill was the emergency accent. With this skill we all took one big breath and had to make it to surface while moving slower than the steady stream of bubbles leaving out mouths . The third skill was the out of air scenario. In our buddy teams one buddy would make the signal for no air and each team would have to maneuver to provide air to their buddy while going to the surface.

It was a great dive but the icing on the cake was when a volunteer, who shall remain nameless (Tasha… cough… Cough…) dropped a weight and a team leader, who shall also remain nameless (me… Cough… Cough) had to spend 20 minutes looking for it.

The advanced diver went out in the afternoon for what is by far the most exciting dive of their training: the deep dive. Here we went down along a line to 23 meters below the surface. We rode the current through the deep coral reef, filled with all sorts of interesting specimens. And ended with a safety stop before surfacing again.

On land we have made it to the next stage of work on our water reservoir! We have completed to outer walls and are now moving to sealing the walls with a water tight cement.

Tomorrow will be the last day training for all the divers, so on Monday we can start our work on the reef!


The open water guys finishing off their book work


Ollie and Ava coming up from the deep


After the deep dive


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