Sail away, sail away, sail away!

The weekend is upon us!

We embarked on a little cruise to hop over to a nearby island to enjoy our Saturday – another beautifully amazing beach with a chocolate drop shaped island behind us lush with trees and neatury greenness (that’s pretty neat!).

After splashing and swimming around for a while (and practicing more handstands and acro-yoga), we headed over to a little local restaurant for lunch where we were definitely the loudest bunch on the island (but the happiest as well). The sun was out ALL DAY, so the blue sky was an amazing change to the overcast we’ve been experiencing so far… Although a few got quite sunburnt! (Ryan and Ellie, I’m looking at you!)

We had many more nice chats in the water after lunch before we had to board our ferry back to our island, and some of us dug holes in the sand underwater for kicks and giggles- you would be walking around in waist deep water and then fall PLOP into a hole almost to your shoulders!

After dinner most people gathered around at Sara’s little shop next door and played Cards Against Humanity for a while.. Claire, Fraser and Daniel wandered over to the dock for some star gazing and life chats, and caught a bit more of the bioluminescence in the water!

Now that sassy Saturday is ending, lazy Sunday is coming up strong! Stay tuned for our next adventures!


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