Sand, Pods and dirt, what fun!

It’s coral pod day! Yay!! We all woke up this morning and started sanding down our pods straight after breakfast. It was a long job, and we all got super dirty, really fast. But the children from the village came and helped us while we had lots of tunes to sing too. We sand down the metal pods because we need them to be rust free so they can create reefs for the next couple of hundred years.
We then covered them in this glue like substance called Epoxy so the coral gametes can stick to them and start growing.
It was tiring work today, while the sanding went on, the rest of the dives happened.
The advanced divers went on their naturalist dive over a beautiful coral reef, observing butterfly fish, nudiebranch’s, and hundreds of other fish and coral species. The open water divers practiced their equalizing and emergency ascent. They even got to see a horseshoe crab!!
The night ended with a big storm, so we all just hung out in the communal area telling storiesp, and exchanging conspiracy theories. The best one so far, is about the chickens on the island taking us over, and that is why they are waking us up so early in the morning so we will be tired to fight back.

Everyone working hard on their coral pods

Cassidy working hard while getting a makeover.

Brian covered head to toe in rust.

Kenzie worked so hard too.

Courtney, Andie and Veronica’s hands after sanding.