Sanding and Getting Sandy

Today was reef pod preparation day! We had our last certification dive too! The visibility was a little short, however, everyone completed the dive successfully! YAY! Now we are all certified! The on land work was preparing our reef pods. First, they all had to be sanded down. This took a lot of hard work, elbow grease, and a whole lot of sweat. Sand was then collected from near the school. An amoxy (plastic coating) was then painted onto all the pods to make them age more gracefully, and sand was then added to the outside of the pods. This will provide a substrate for coral to grab onto and grow. Weights were then made for the feet of the pods out of cement to keep the pods stabilized once installed in the reefs. The grunt work has been done! Cant wait to perfect then install them later this week!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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