Sanding the coral pods

Hi everyone, this is Krystal ( Abby’s teameader assistant) our day started off with a farewell to my diving buddy and fellow volunteer Savannah. After her three weeks in Cambodia she’s headed back to the states. They rushed out this morning leaving the rest of us to sanding reef pods. The open divers spilt into two groups, half headed out for a dive the others stayed behind with us advanced to sanding. It was a dirty, grimy task but we managed keep lively conversations to pass the time. The divers switched out and continued to help us. After lunch the advanced divers went out for a dive. We picked up litter on the reef. We were able to pick up old crab traps, fishing nets and loads of cans. The group is happy for a well deserved weekend after getting so grimy and dirty today. We plan on taking the boat to tourist beach tomorrow to soak up the sun, connect with WiFi and check out the bars! Everyone is having an amazing time on the island! That’s all for now! Expect phone calls from loved ones tomorrow!