Saturday Adventures

I apologize for not posting the saturday blog earlier… last night when we got home the internet was quite patchy, as a storm rolled in. BUT never the less, we had a blast anyways!


Yesterday we all got to sleep in (which means 8 am here)! We played cards, played with kids, and took it easy in the morning. At noon we headed to Koh Touch, the tourist side of the island. We spent the day exploring, eat soooooooooo much Western food, and sitting on the beach. Luckily it was beautiful and sunny all day! The volunteers ended up eating burgers, crepes, and pizzas (yes one per person); I could barely believe how much they could scarf down! I guess thats what happens when you get put on a mostly rice diet 😀






And Of course it would not be Cambodia if we didnt have an impromptu adventure… on the boat ride back we hit a little bit of a current and storm. All of us put on life jackets (just to stay warm), and of course Ning slept through the entire thing again. Upon getting back to the village we got stranded about 10 meters off shore for nearly an hour…how you ask…well we ran over the anchor line of another boat and got totally stuck. Our wonderful captain jumped in the water and cut us free, and then amazingly swam to shore pulling the boat along with him. TOO MUCH FUN WAS HAD 😀 !!!!!

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