Saying Our Last Goodbyes


This morning we left the island. We had a short rainy boat ride, took a break for lunch, and then ventured to Phnom Phen by bus. The volunteers have all made it to the city safe and sound! Tomorrow our volunteers part ways…some are getting on planes, others on buses, and some are going to another program. It has been such a joy working with all these amazing volunteers and am so fortunate to have met them.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

But of course this group had to go out in style… After gorging at Holy Cow when we stopped for lunch, 6 of our volunteers feasted ($50.00 worth to be exact)… All that food did not sit well with one vollie to be precise (*cough* NICK *cough*)… About 2 hours into the ride this guy was doing the potty dance… Unable to contain himself he jumped out of the van before we could even stop it and sprinted to the gas station bathroom…Needless to say he left everyone, including the bus driver, in stitches! From start to finish we have had fun!  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA