Scuba duba doo

Today was our first official day scuba diving!! This morning entailed some work in the village which included picking up the trash bins from each house and bringing it to the fire. We do this work multiple times a week and are making a huge difference in cleanliness of the village. It takes time to educate the people and children on how to change their ways in throwing their trash in the bins versus the ocean, but since we have been here, it looks a heck of a lot better! We made a giant fire and shoveled as much rubbish as possible into it, and our goal for the end of the week is to get to the bottom. What a great goal! DSC05977 DSC05978

This afternoon was extremely exciting! First we learned how to properly set up and take down all the gear and got fitted for our nifty suits. We set out on the boat through the bay and to a shallow area where we spent 4 whole hours learning basic diving skills. Then we took our first ever scuba dive! We saw some seahorses, a starfish and a little octopus! Whoaaa! DSC05981

Tonight everyone experienced bioluminescent water for the first time. It’s where the ocean lights up with movement because of the zoo plankton in it. It is absolutely beautiful. It was a very happy christmas eve to us!