Scuba Skills!

Hi there!

We got lucky! Yesterday night we fell asleep to stormy winds and choppy water, making us nervous for the next days water. But luckily, we woke up to crystal clear and smooth waters. This was perfect for us today considering we have many skills to learn to get our advanced certification. We were able to achieve two skills today, the first one being our deep dive. With the weather working in our favor, we were able to go for a boat dive go for our deep divers skill. We dove down to 30 meters today allowing us to practice our buoyancy and safety stop. We even got the chance to spot many schools of fish, Starfish, and coral!

Before the drop!

After the boat dive, we got back to the beach for some lunch and a quick hammock break.

Resting up for the next dive

Once we finished our lunch break, it was time for more scuba skills! Samantha and I went out into the water to begin practicing our compass navigation skills. We had to use the compass to bring us 30 swim kicks forward and back, and then a complete a square but end in the same place you began. All of these skills are to be done with a compass and I can tell you, we were a bit confused in the beginning, but once we got the hang of things we had it perfect in no time!

To finish up the day, we ended our night with a relaxing rest by a beach bonfire with some other tourist. More skills and diving to come tomorrow! Excited to see what’s in store.


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