Second to Last

Cant believe we only have one work day ahead of us! This trip just flew right by!

All the dives today were “fun dives”. The open water divers became officially certified today! So, they got to venture off on their own (well with their buddies of course) and explore the reefs. We had one dive in the morning and one dive in the afternoon. All of the dives went successfully, and everyone seems pretty happy!


Our on land work today was devoted to the water reservoir. All morning we hauled sand to the reservoir foundation site. It was a little tricky at first because we didnt have the trolly. But later in the morning we did, and then it just flew right by! In the afternoon the volunteers hand picked rocks to put on top of the sand foundation. Then we got to do the fun stuff… some volunteers got the chance to work in the one water reservoir with Somat. We finished rendering some of the walls with water resistant cement. Others got to hand mix cement. And some worked on the foundation putting dry cement mix as the foundation top layer. We are expecting a monsoon this weekend, so the cement will mix and harden with all the rain!


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