Selfie Sunday!

imageimageimageimageFirst thing’s first: hi mama! Am alive and kicking!

Today was a highly anticipated day. On the agenda: Palm Beach. Translation: The promise of sunkist skin,  clear waters,  and food. Lots of food. Satisfying,  delicious grub. Yum!

The day began with a touch of garbage picking and before long it was all aboard. The air was crisp and thick with the buzz of excited twenty-somethings with big appetites

We were certainly not disappointed. Apart from the scenic views and food fiesta, there was volleyball,  kayaking, and cocktails (oh my!) Living on the edge,  really (not literally, mama)

The night culminated in a beautiful candlelit dinner consisting of barbecued surf and turf in the company of some really wonderful folk. Paradise!

But as we recall. So dawn goes down to day,  nothing gold can stay. On the boat beneath the stars we sailed back to the home Island with the promise of tomorrow.

Another day,  another adventure.  Pods,  coral reefs et al. Promise to tell if you’ll promise to read

Until then. Signing off,

Natasha #roombookerextraordinaire