Shake it off

It was our first pod day today! What the heck does that mean? Well, it’s one of the main reasons we’re here, and it’s so exciting! We worked on these coral pods which our the most essential aspect to creating the man made coral reef. They are the growing agents that the coral grows directly on top of once it is anchored to the ocean floor. First, we had to make cement elephant feet. We dig small holes and put wet cement in them, level them off, place a piece of rope in to act as a handle and then let them dry. We jammed out to t-swift all morning, too, hence the title of the blog today. It has to be a good day if my girl taylor swift is in it, right?!



While we let those dry, we took the metal pods themselves and de-rusted them. It takes some muscle and some handy sand paper use, but everyone pulled through and made all of the pods perfectly smooth. However, all of them got a bit dirty in the process. A few of them accidentally wiped their hands on their faces and it looked like they had funky mustaches or unibrows. Then we of course had the ones trying to wipe it on each other too, but since we were all dirty, it was all in good fun. After sanding, we got to paint on the apoxy. This stuff dries really quickly, so we had to paint the whole thing as quickly as possible without missing any spots. Once they’re finished though, they can last under the water for hundreds of years! Say what?!DSC06254 DSC06258 DSC06257


Now we are ready to send them down to the bottom and anchor them there to stay forever! After finishing that up today, we all went out for the first time together diving to take a look at the reef pods. We buddied up and dove down to check them out. There are huge differences in the pods that have been down there for a long time, and it is really cool to get a glimpse at what our pods will look like when coral starts to grow on them in the next couple years. We got some photos for you to see them underneath the water, too. DSC06260 DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO


After diving, some of us were keen on going to the beach. The sunset from the beach was gorgeous and we got to watch it while we were floating in the water. We also went to our favorite smoothie place in town (the only smoothie place in town) for some fruit-tastic smoothies. Then we put together a little mattress area and gathered around for a movie night! Good ol Monty Python was there to give us some laughs and end the day with a bang. Wow, what a way to start off our second week! DSC06263


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